Rest API

You can find the Open API specification file here‚Äč



  • Added GET /organizations/:id

  • Added PATCH /organizations/:id

  • Fixed a bug preventing the first log message to be written for workflow executions

  • Updated the email invite and verification code layout

  • Added numberOfRunningExecutions to /workflows


  • Added DELETE /models/:id

  • description in /models fieldConfig is no longer required


  • Added loginUrls, defaultLoginUrl to /appClients

  • Link to login button in invitation email now sends you to the app corresponding to the defaultLoginUrl in /appClients


  • Added PATCH /batches/:id

  • Added PATCH /appClients/:id

  • Added GET /models/:id

  • Added PATCH /models/:id

  • Added POST /models

  • Updated OAuth2 scopes

  • Added new possible value 'inactive' for status in /models


  • Added storageLocation, retentionInDays, containsPersonallyIdentifiableInformation to /batches

  • Added DELETE /batches/:id. Documents in batch must be deleted before deleting the batch

  • Added batchId query parameter to DELETE /documents


  • Added GET /logs. Use query parameters workflowId, workflowExecutionId, transitionId, transitionExecutionId to filter.

  • Added default retry configuration for workflow transitions that don't explicitly define one.

  • Added startTime, transitionExecutionId, workflowExecutionId to /logs


  • Now possible to create public app clients by using the generateSecret parameter set to false (defaults to true) and

    providing callback and logout urls

  • Added createdTime, apiKey, callbackUrls, logoutUrls, hasSecret to /appClients

  • Now preventing users from deleting themselves using DELETE /users/:id

  • Now preventing app clients from deleting itself using DELETE /appClients/:id


  • Added GET /batches

  • Added createdTime and numDocuments to /batches

  • Added POST /appClients

  • Added GET /appClients

  • Added DELETE /appClients/:id

  • Added createdTime, updatedTime, fieldConfig, preprocessConfig and status to /models


  • Added DELETE /secrets/:id

  • Added DELETE /assets/:id

  • Added paging to DELETE /documents. Supports deleting up to 1000 documents each API call.