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Cradl AI documentation

Learn how to build powerful AI workflows and apps within minutes with no-code. Run them in our app or integrate them to your apps via API.

Get started quickly with data extraction and streamlining messy document flows.

AI Studio

Tell your AI Model what to look for by training it on 15 of your own documents. After training, test how successfully it extracts data.

AI Validator

The AI Validator let's you stay in control. Automate eagerly or find the right balance between human inspection and AI automation.

What is Cradl AI?

Cradl AI is designed to be the easiest AI data extraction tool that can play along nicely with your existing automation platforms or be your first modern automation tool to streamline messy document flows.

Configure without a single line of code

Get everything out of Cradl AI without having to write a single line of code.

Automate with confidence

Best-in-class validation workflow that alerts your team of inaccuracies and retrains your AI model.

Administer without an IT specialist

Cradl AI can be picked up by a member of your business team without relying on an IT specialist.

Ask helpful customer support

Our support team will get back to you and help you with your Cradl AI journey.