Simple demo

Simple demonstration workflow

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a simple workflow that allows you to handle any type of documents in a safe and semi-automatic way. We will do this by using the sample images, if you need a more customizable workflow check out the other tutorials.


  • LAS credentials

  • A Model for making predictions (This can be fixed after setting up the workflow)


  • Build the remote component and copy it to the assets folder for the manual step

    cd simple-demo
    npm run --prefix frontend build:remote
    cp frontend/dist/remote.js backend/src/ManualApprove/assets/jsRemoteComponent.js
  • Make sure all environment variables are assigned correcty

  • create the demo workflow

    python backend/

Execute the workflow

Alright, you are good to go! Test the workflow by running the following script:

python --workflow-id las:workflow:<hex> --model-id las:model:<hex> /path/to/document.pdf