• A Model is a machine learning model that is able to extract information from your documents.

Depending on the problem that needs to be solved a Model can be trained accordingly. Whether it is extracting date and total amount from a receipt, specific payment information from an invoice, name and age from an ID-card Lucidtech is able to provide an adequate machine learning model that can be accessed via Models.

Request a model by contacting [email protected], or by clicking Get Started on our home page.

See what models that are available by using models list available via the CLI;

>> las models list
"models": [
"modelId": "las:model:0093d650a4d44eb0bf28c278a5ba118c",
"name": "companies",
"description": "A list of approved companies",
"height": 1281,
"width": 801
"nextToken": null

Use the modelId when requesting a prediction to use a specific model. See predictions‚Äč